Fresh PASSION Leadership

In an era of economic uncertainty, including layoffs, high unemployment, under-employment, and hiring freezes, creating and promoting a top-flight personal brand that stands out in the crowd is more important than ever. No matter what level position you are seeking, companies want to hire, invest in, and promote proven branded leaders–those people who exude confidence and authority through their mastery of important branded skills to deliver world-class results individually, through and with people.

You will learn how to employ the unique and proven Fresh PASSION methodology to build a personal brand that will maximize your potential and help you to achieve success beyond your dreams in whatever field you choose. Fresh PASSION is the pathway to outperform and outshine your peers and competitors, as well as obtain the professional and personal rewards you deserve in a manner that will encourage people to follow your lead with passion, conviction, and determination without being asked (or begged).

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Effective and Powerful Communication Training

The main difference between people who are successful and those who are not is their ability to communicate effectively. The audience will walk away understanding the strategies, processes, and techniques needed to become a world-class communicator.

Successful people have a branded and effective style of communication for which they are well known. This leads them to becoming more successful in their personal and professional lives. On the other hand, less successful individuals can trace much of their lack of success to their inability to get their point across and convincing others to follow them or make an investment with them.

During this session, participants will turn inward and discover and/or develop their very own communications brand, which is the foundation of any great communicator. They will work through exercises and have an opportunity to practice while receiving one-on-one coaching.

This training is open to anyone who wants to learn the all-important skill of communication. This training will cover the basics, as well as advanced skills. One-on-one attention will be provided for individuals who need more assistance.

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Successfully Transitioning from High School to College

This session will focus on capturing at-risk high school students who are contemplating dropping out or have become disengaged. Students will learn study techniques, conflict resolution, communications, motivation, and proper dress etiquette. This session will help them understand the importance of doing well in high school, successfully graduating, and preparing for college early on. During this training, students work in small groups with a peer and educator to help them individually craft a plan for succeeding academically, emotionally, and mentally. They will also craft a strategy for college preparation and satisfying all the prerequisites way in advance.

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College and Graduate Success Training

This session will focus on empowering and equipping students with the academic and non-academic skills needed to succeed in college, while obtaining the proper preparation, tools, and strategies needed to launch a successful career upon graduation. Topics include communications, interviewing, getting the right work experience, landing internships, job readiness, study habits, etc. These tools, processes, and strategies are not offered in the core college curriculum and represent a huge gap for college students. Students who have already graduated can also attend this session to learn the tools, process and strategies needed to prepare for the job market, craft a competitive job search strategy, and learn interviewing, job readiness strategies, and communications techniques.

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Career Preparation and Advancement Skills

This session will focus on getting participants ready for the working world and launching a successful career. The target audience is single moms and dads, individuals who have been out of the job market, unemployed individuals, low income individuals who are transitioning from welfare to work, individuals who want to increase their job performance, individuals who are looking for career advancement, and individuals looking to transition carriers. Topics will include communications, job readiness, emotional intelligence, business etiquette, interviewing, how to increase your job performance to become a stand-out employee, technology skills, analytical skills, leadership, and more.

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Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners’ Training & Development

he focus of this training is to give entrepreneurs the skills, techniques, and processes that are needed to launch a successful business (i.e., business startup process, branding, marketing, sales, finance, leadership, etc.). A heavy focus will be placed on employee engagement, customer service, and business leadership.

Existing business owners attend this training to learn techniques and processes needed to grow their businesses and take their marketing to the next level. This training covers communications, leadership, customer service, utilizing social media, time management, and business finance.

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Personal Branding – Get A Brand or Die a Generic®

The world is changing, especially the business world. Technology, outsourcing, in-sourcing and process reengineering are all contributing to altering the landscape. At the end of the day, there will be fewer people required. Those who survive this onslaught of change must reinvent themselves (quickly) into a brand that is marketable. Michael takes the audience through a journey of what’s happening and provides the tools and techniques to inspire them to meet the challenge head-on with a winning brand.

This engaging session will leave participants with the power to create their distinct logo and image, as well as the skills they need to consistently deliver the WOW factor in their personal lives and careers. Participants will be inspired to create a more powerful and competitive brand in their personal lives and their jobs.

This session is great for individuals or organizations with a desire to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary. An audience favorite is learning how to impress in just three seconds! After the session Michael is often cornered by participants seeking more information and the opportunity to share with him what they regard as their new-found brand.

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Delivering World-Class Customer Service via the Fresh Customer Service® Methodology

Customer service initiatives all recognize the importance of the customer experience. The problem is that too many programs focus on the reasons why without providing the concrete how” to the people who create the frontline experience.

Fresh Customer Service views the frontline staff as the ultimate source of both the customer experience and the solutions to any problems that may arise. It supports them in their core mission of customer satisfaction through their tasking, training, tools, recognition, and the empowerment to “make-it-right.”

What is Fresh Customer Service®?

It is a customer service program that builds on an understanding of the frontline customer experience, empowers the people who deliver the service to make-it-right, and continually refreshes itself in response to a changing environment.

What are the steps involved in Fresh Customer Service®?

In order to create a world-class customer experience, the organization must undergo three phases/steps: Fresh Understanding, Fresh Empowerment, and Fresh Thinking. It is these three steps that will provide the foundation, or business model, that equips frontline employees with the tools and skills necessary to provide Fresh Customer Service, 365 days a year.

What are the concrete results of Fresh Customer Service®?

    1. Aligning corporate strategies to better incorporate the core mission of customer service, ultimately enhancing the bottom line.
    1. Improving frontline execution of corporate strategies without sacrificing the customer experience.
    1. Creating the awareness, empowerment, and tools that can be utilized by front line employees to “Make-it Right Now” when customer problems and/or opportunities surface.
    1. Increasing the confidence of frontline staff for the resolution of customer issues and improved consistency in response.
    1. Establishing a competitive, grounded customer service program as part of the core business model.
    1. Providing high speed response to market competition allowing a sustained and competitive advantage.

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