Welcome to The Fresh Results Institute

We are . . .

The Fresh Results Institute, Inc., exists solely to help our clients achieve sustainable and fresh results that will enable them to experience exponential personal, professional, organizational, and economic success–while positively impacting society. This is accomplished through world-class thinking, education, development, training, motivation, and empowerment.

We Deliver . . .

A vibrant hub of unparalleled fresh thinking and high impact solutions designed to eradicate the blockages to exponential personal, professional, economic, and organizational success.

High Impact Programs, Services, and Outreach

We further our purpose by providing world-class training, coaching, and career development for the general population, college students, graduates, entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations.

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Our training, coaching, and development is delivered via the following:

  • Webinars
  • Teleconferences
  • Keynotes
  • Face-to-face training (lecture, role playing, assessments, and feedback)
  • Individual coaching (virtual and one-on-one)
  • Follow up

Webinars & Coaching Programs

Many of our virtual sessions are delivered for free or a nominal donation.

Face-to-Face Training, Keynote Speeches, and Coaching Programs

The award winning, Face-to-Face Training, Keynote Speeches, and Coaching program delivers high impact and fresh value through an interactive experience. Industry experts, published authors, consultants, and trainers deliver these sessions.

Fresh Results Mastermind Groups

The Fresh Results Mastermind Group (FRMG) are individuals from like professions (not necessarily like-minded) who convene to share a fresh synergy of energy, authenticity, trust, passion, commitment, and motivation.

Tax - Deductible Investments & Donations

Thank you for considering your tax- deductible contribution. Every contribution is an investment in improving, elevating, and enhancing the lives of individuals, as well as helping companies and organizations achieve exponential results.

The 6.5 Fresh & High Impact Webinars

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