Delivering World-Class Customer Service via the Fresh Customer Service® Methodology

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Customer service initiatives all recognize the importance of the customer experience. The problem is that too many programs focus on the reasons why without providing the concrete how” to the people who create the frontline experience.

Fresh Customer Service views the frontline staff as the ultimate source of both the customer experience and the solutions to any problems that may arise. It supports them in their core mission of customer satisfaction through their tasking, training, tools, recognition, and the empowerment to “make-it-right.”

What is Fresh Customer Service®?

It is a customer service program that builds on an understanding of the frontline customer experience, empowers the people who deliver the service to make-it-right, and continually refreshes itself in response to a changing environment.

What are the steps involved in Fresh Customer Service®?

In order to create a world-class customer experience, the organization must undergo three phases/steps: Fresh Understanding, Fresh Empowerment, and Fresh Thinking. It is these three steps that will provide the foundation, or business model, that equips frontline employees with the tools and skills necessary to provide Fresh Customer Service, 365 days a year.

What are the concrete results of Fresh Customer Service®?

    1. Aligning corporate strategies to better incorporate the core mission of customer service, ultimately enhancing the bottom line.
    1. Improving frontline execution of corporate strategies without sacrificing the customer experience.
    1. Creating the awareness, empowerment, and tools that can be utilized by front line employees to “Make-it Right Now” when customer problems and/or opportunities surface.
    1. Increasing the confidence of frontline staff for the resolution of customer issues and improved consistency in response.
    1. Establishing a competitive, grounded customer service program as part of the core business model.
    1. Providing high speed response to market competition allowing a sustained and competitive advantage.

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